Press Release

Bowling Rewards Unveils Version 4.02 for Verifone Omni Platform Including Prepaid Games Enhancement

September 13, 2008
Langhorne, PA


Bowling Rewards, LLC today officially unveiled its new version 4.02 for the Company’s Verifone Omni terminal platform.  The new release includes several coding changes that improve the speed and performance of the terminal’s dial-up and Ethernet processing with Bowling Rewards’ host server.  Additionally, the new release includes several key upgrades in functionality, including:


  • Streamlined Redemptions:   Bowling Rewards clients can now record BOTH the sale AND redemption in just one transaction instead of two transactions required by earlier versions. The system automatically calculates rewards on any new money spent and processes the redemption all in one transaction, saving precious time at the point of sale, especially when lines are long.
  • Prepaid Games:  The most notable upgrade in the new release is the ability to load and redeem games of bowling onto the card in lieu of loading gift or rewards value.  All printed receipts show a new Games Balance field opening up a whole new arsenal of prepaid marketing strategies centers can employ to take in more money upfront and reward loyal customers.    
  • Redeem All:   A new Redeem All function, which can be turned off or on at client discretion, allows clerks to redeem ALL the Gift and Rewards value available on a customer’s card and apply the value toward the current sale.  This feature allows clerks to process redemptions more quickly in situations where the customer does not know the available balance on their card.
  • Category Maintenance:  Previously only available on Internet Terminal, centers and pro shops have flexibility in configuring reward ratios on an individual category basis on the Omni terminal.  Reward ratios can easily be changed from the Category Maintenance tab inside the Merchant Update Center.  This feature allows BR clients to reward open play customers with 10% rewards, for example, but issue 15% rewards to league bowlers and 20% rewards on snack bar purchases.   

Bowling Rewards will be contacting all current subscribers using the Omni terminal platform to schedule the remote upgrade and configure customized tracking categories. 


About Bowling Rewards, LLC
Bowling Rewards LLC is a software and marketing firm dedicated to the development and support of next generation gift, loyalty and rewards programs for the sport of bowling.  The firm was founded in October of 2006 and currently operated by AmeriCardGold, a stored value card software firm based in Langhorne, PA.