Press Release

Bowling Rewards Certifies Program on Verifone Omni VX Terminal Series

May 16, 2007
Mount Laurel, NJ

AmeriCardGold announced today that its Bowling Rewards program is now compatible with the Verifone Omni 3700 series of credit card terminals. Clients can use this terminal for merchant services and run Bowling Rewards. The program also supports the ability to combine electronic gift card and loyalty/rewards functions on a single card, reducing clients’ plastic card printing expense. Furthermore, the program takes full advantage of the Omni’s Ethernet capabilities and can process transactions from either a direct Internet connection or a regular phone line. Unlike most other Verifone stored value programs, Bowling Rewards utilizes a highly sophisticated PHP/MySQL Internet architecture to control the vast majority of back-end processing. This configuration enables most patches and upgrades to be performed server-side resulting in minimal on-site technical support calls after initial installation.


“The Omni 3740/50 series is the perfect PoS hardware platform for supporting the Bowling Rewards program inside local bowling centers” says Adam Miller, President of Bowling Rewards, LLC. “First, the Omni 3750 is designed to support multiple applications already, which means it can run credit card processing and a gift/loyalty card program concurrently. Second, the terminal’s compact design, intuitive ATM style interface and self-contained printer are highly suitable for placement in and around center locations where a PC based system running Internet Explorer is not available or readily accessible. As long as a center has an available phone jack and electrical outlet, they can run the Bowling Rewards program from the Omni 3750 terminal.”


About Bowling Rewards, LLC and AmeriCardGold

Bowling Rewards LLC is a software and marketing firm dedicated to the development and support of next generation gift, loyalty and rewards programs for the sport of bowling. The firm was founded in October of 2006 and currently operated by AmeriCardGold, a stored value card software firm based in Mt. Laurel, NJ. AmeriCardGold builds, sells, and supports leading edge gift card and loyalty & rewards programs for retail and ecommerce merchants. The firm specializes in a number of niche specialties within the growing loyalty marketing industry including community and coalition models, Internet based applications, and multiple stored value programs on the same card.