Press Release

Bowling Rewards Announces Revolutionary Fundraising Technology Which Promises to Change Marketing and Advertising As We Know it Today

April 5th,

Langhorne, PA In combination with its award winning rewards card program which combines gift card capabilities, cash back rewards, games, paperless database building, and customer loyalty strategies on one card, Bowling Rewards, LLC has now added fundraising which promises to transform advertising and marketing as we know it today. The new module gives participating centers a turnkey system that breaks down the doors of local non-profit organizations interested in raising funds simply by going bowling. Now Bowling Rewards can be used by proprietors not only to increase frequency and spending from regular customers but also to drive new business in the door through fundraising. The corresponding donation expense is “pay per sale” advertising, meaning the only time proprietors pay donations is after a sales transaction by a non-profit cardholder. This new fundraising breakthrough allows merchants to avoid the huge expense and paper waste of coupons, advertising, newspapers, punch cards, discounting and other hard to track marketing programs which often provide little if any tracking and measurement capabilities.


Here’s How It Works
Proprietors simply distribute their custom designed loyalty card to schools, churches, soccer clubs, little leagues, any group desirous of raising money on a local or national level. All transactions are tied to the card ID number encoded on the mag stripe so each merchant has the ability to support unlimited numbers of non-profits with seamless integration and the swipe of a card through their credit card or Internet terminal.

With the preload function, merchants might ‘load’ $5.00 or $10.00 on the card to drive new and existing customers to their location for the initial visit. When the card is swiped on the terminal, the customer can redeem their free gift, earn cash back rewards for future visits, AND fund their favorite non-profit with a designated percentage set by the individual proprietor. When the card is presented and swiped, each merchant captures all the key marketing data uploaded to their own private and secure database without paper forms or signup sheets!

In these tough economic times, businesses are not the only ones suffering,” stated Steve Schroeder VP of Marketing and co-founder of Bowling Rewards. ‘Non-profit donations are down, and the individual consumer is pinched so we are very pleased to announce our latest custom solution which addresses every need in the marketplace with win-win for everyone involved.’ continued Mr. Schroeder.

“We feel our fundraising module when combined with our proprietary gift, rewards, and loyalty benefits create an unbeatable combination to lift ROI for the proprietor as well as support key community needs at the same time,” added Adam Miller, President and co-founder. ‘One of the key components of our program is the ability for each non-profit to access spending and purchases of their customers in real time and in this day and age, we felt this requirement was simply a must.’ continued Mr. Miller.


Accountability and Transparency
What might be the first time in fundraising history, non-profits are supplied their own unique user name and password allowing organization leaders to log in and monitor sales transactions at participating locations in real time. Non-profit administrators can even be BCCed on “thank you” emails that send to their organization’s members reporting earned rewards and donations earned back to charity. The whole system is designed to foster tighter relationships between proprietors and local non-profits to help grow each other’s bottom lines. Mr. Schroeder adds, “No more selling candy bars, washing cars, organizing pancake breakfasts or other numerous attempts to raise a little bit of money with a great deal of effort; simply go bowling more often and create significant cash flow for your favorite non-profit.”


About Bowling Rewards, LLC
Bowling Rewards, LLC is a software and marketing firm dedicated to the development and support of next generation gift, loyalty and rewards programs for the sport of bowling.  The firm was founded in October of 2006 and currently operated by AmeriCardGold, a stored value card software firm based in Langhorne, PA