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Bowling Rewards Unveils Virtual Employee System In Association with Total Media Source

October 18, 2009
Langhorne, PA


AmeriCardGold Stored Value Networks, LLC, operator of the Bowling Rewards program, announced today the release of Virtual Employee in conjunction with Total Media Source Inc. Virtual Employee is a kiosk based system designed and developed by Total Media Source that can be placed anywhere around the proprietor’s facility and allows consumers to register Bowling Rewards cards online, login to their account, check transaction details and balances and more.

Virtual Employee is designed to help customers increase activation percentages while providing an additional revenue stream at the same time,” stated Steve Schroeder Senior VP of Sales & Marketing. “Many of our customers have requested an online option which restricts employees or customers from surfing the entire internet but still provides the ability to activate cards, check balances, and update their data without tying up the front desk. Virtual Employee is always available. Virtual Employee never gets tired and Virtual Employee can actually PAY proprietors substantial revenue through display advertising”, continued Mr. Schroeder.

Learn more about the Virtual Employee kiosk system and watch video “We pride ourselves in innovation and consulting,” adds Adam Miller, President of AmeriCardGold Stored Value Networks. “When you install the Bowling Rewards program, you are not purchasing a box of software but a company who actually gets involved with constant strategies, new ideas and cutting edge concepts designed to help each and every proprietor increase revenue while decreasing costs.” Miller continues, “Virtual Employee is no different and although a little funny, building customer databases and increasing revenue is serious business for our clients and we do whatever we can to deliver solutions they need to help improve their business. We can even loop Virtual Employee into the centers entire scoring system running custom commercials 24-7 for national sponsors and local business owners.”

About AmeriCardGold Stored Value Networks, LLC


AmeriCardGold Stored Value Networks, LLC is a loyalty marketing and software company that operates the Bowling Rewards program. AmeriCardGold is dedicated to the development and support of next generation gift, loyalty and marketing programs for the sport of bowling.

About Total Media Source

Established in 1996, Total Media Source is a media- communications company focused on developing a wide range of marketing tools for clients from both the business and the non-profit communities.  Their client list includes PBS, Time Warner Cable, Procter & Gamble, Crown Plastics, Paragon Salons, and many other prominent organizations, large and small.  Total Media Sourcespecializes in a wide range of media services, among them marketing methods pioneered by our team of media communications specialists.  Interactive gaming, animated educational programs, and animated narratives or webisodes,