Press Release

Bowling Rewards Announces First Ever Turn-Key Email and Text Marketing Program with ‘Query of Database’ feature.  No third party company needed, all solutions are housed under one easy to use Merchant Center.

September 3, 2009

Langhorne, PA

Bowling Rewards LLC announced today the completion of their proprietary email/texting/database query technology for the sport of bowling and beyond.  ‘We launched our proprietary fundraising program several months back to help build databases, reduce costs and increase new customer acquisition but we needed an effective tool to handle all the data and now we have it’ stated Steve Schroeder co-founder and V.P. of Marketing.  ‘Business owners do not need Constant Contact, SilverPop, Vertical Response, Icontact, or any other similar type of ‘third party’ email company to manage the send button.  Bowling Rewards now replaces all of these companies with a less expensive more robust and MUCH SIMPLER to use alternative’ continued Mr. Schroeder.

Adam Miller President and co-founder agreed.  ‘Instead of plain email addresses being exported to third party software, our clients can now ‘query’ their own database for remarkable target marketing campaigns with robust ROI capabilities to not only track are reward their most profitable customers, but communicate with them in an ongoing and interactive basis, we think this changes advertising and marketing as we know it today.’ 

‘Imagine being able to push a few buttons with your mouse and sort the top 30 customers during the month of September by visits, spending, frequency and scores of other ‘data categories.’  When the list pops up, simply click on TEXT or EMAIL and the professional campaign is ready to go with complete tracking capabilities and all the bells and whistles (and then some) of other programs.’

‘There has NEVER been such an easy to use program designed to lower costs, increase profitability, communicate with customers and sustain our environment than the solutions we just launched,’  continued Mr. Schroeder.  ‘We are very proud to deliver this remarkable breakthrough to the sport of bowling first but are now ready to expand our solutions to the entire retail environment which will be release very shortly.’

‘Our texting capabilities are equally as impressive,’ stated Mr. Miller.  ‘Too have both email and text available with the push of a button introduces a sport which has been technology challenged to the powerful benefits of world class customer loyalty, we could not be happier.  We look forward to making a difference not only in the lives of proprietors and pro shop operators within the sport of bowling but to the entire retail sector and beyond.’